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Event Summary

 Welcome to our inaugural Event Freelancer Summit!

We are proud to bring together the result of many conversations we have had with freelancers around the world, all who are currently struggling with the issues around Covid-19 and the devastating affects on the events industry. We have spoken to business leaders and key industry figures who all reflect the troubling times and difficult decisions they have had to make in order to protect their businesses. We have also read reports about the potential future of agency business models which do not make for easy reading.

But we know that this industry and all the people in it are extremely resilient, and will work together to find solutions and continue to support one another. We have gathered some amazing speakers who have all helped to develop the sessions and the content for you. So please do take this opportunity to ask questions, and we will endeavour to ensure they are all answered, albeit some of them after the close of the event. We hope you find this Summit as fullfilling as we have found it in bringing it together.

Steve Squires & Ajay Parekh, Connektd - Your Freelance Community

Summit - July 2020: More Info

Simon Hughes

Chair, Business Visits & Events Partnership (BVEP)


Cecilia Lavin

President, ILEA UK


Dr Caroline Jackson

Founding Member, AEME. 
Vice-chair, BVEP


Laura Capell-Abra

Director, Stress Matters


Michael Wyrley-Birch


Samantha S.jpeg

Samantha Salisbury

Event Manager & Events Lecturer


Martin Fullard

Editorial Director, Mash Media

WeChat 圖片_20200707150745.jpg

Hamson Wai

Immediate past-President, ILEA Hong Kong


Dawn Dennis

Events & Operations Consultant, Continuity Consulting

Adrian B 2.jpeg

Adrian Bell

Executive Director, Action Impact


Livvy Drake

Director, Sustainable Sidekicks

Andy L.jpeg

Andy Lenthall

GM, Production Services Association (PSA)

Gareth Unwin.jpeg

Gareth Ellis-Unwin

Head of Film & Animation - Screen Skills


Danny Fenton

Owner, Zig Zag Productions

Chris B.jpeg

Chris Burke

MD, Creative Technology Asia

Screenshot 2020-07-17 14.59.51.png

The global team

The Make It Blue Collective

Summit - July 2020: Team Members

Event Schedule

We have a full day of interesting and stimulating content. Feel free to register to as many sessions as you wish and please do take full advantage of the networking sessions with other attendees.

Detailed session times will be published closer to the event and we are still confirming more exciting speakers so come back to this page regularly to check up on the agenda.  You will have the opportunity to submit questions to all sessions and speakers and although we may not be able to answer them all the on day, we will do our best to follow up after the event.

Welcome & Introduction

Steve Squires & Ajay Parekh, Connektd

BST: 0900   GST: 1200

HKT: 1600   AEST: 1800

Keynote - Where are we as an industry?

Simon Hughes - BVEP

BST: 0905   GST: 1205

HKT: 1605   AEST: 1805

How do we move forward as an industry?

Simon Hughes - BVEP & Michael Wyrley-Birch, CEO, TRO

BST: 0920   GST: 1220

HKT: 1620   AEST: 1820

MICE - What's the global picture?

Cecila Lavin - President, ILEA UK

Paul Berger - President, ILEA Middle East

Hamson Wai - Immediate Past-President, ILEA Hong Kong

Christian Seidenstücker - President, ILEA Europe

BST: 0945   GST: 1245

HKT: 1645   AEST: 1845

How do companies manage their freelancers

Marc Iacono - GM, GPJ Australia 

Dawn Dennis - Events & Operations Consultant, Continuity Consulting

Adrian Bell - Executive Director, Action Impact

Chris MacDonald - Operations Director

BST:1015   GST:1315

HKT:1715   AEST:1915


BST: 1045   GST: 1345

HKT: 1745   AEST: 1945


How do I raise my profile as a freelancer &  build my client base?

Samantha Salisbury - Experienced Event Manager & Lecturer in events

Kim Gerard - Head of Production, GPJ Aus & NZ. 

Simon Burton - CEO, Exposure Communications

BST: 1100   GST: 1400

HKT: 1800   AEST: 2000

How do I use social media to get noticed?

Kitty Newman, Director, Trapeze Media

BST: 1130   GST: 1430

HKT: 1830   AEST: 2030

Insurance - What do I need?

Luke Perkins - Create Insurance

BST: 1200   GST: 1500

HKT: 1900   AEST: 2100

How should I run my freelance business?

Lucy Cohen - Mazuma Money

BST: 1220   GST: 1520

HKT: 1920   AEST: 2120

Are you prepared for new normal? Expanding your skills

Madeleine Johnson, Freelance Event Director

Gareth Tomlinson - Director, FourImpact 

Angie Choi - Freelancer, Virtual Events 

BST: 1240   GST: 1540

HKT: 1940   AEST: 2140


BST: 1310   GST: 1610

HKT: 2010   AEST: 2210


How the industry needs to change to meet the needs of freelancers

Martin Fullard - Editorial Director, Mash Media

Caroline Jackson - Event Consultant & Educator

BST: 1340   GST: 1640

HKT: 2040   AEST: 2240

My first steps in the industry

Priya Narain- Co-Founder, Event First Steps

Grace Nelson, Benedicta Asante, Jordan Lewis-Pryde

BST: 1410   GST: 1710

HKT: 2110   AEST: 2310

How can I develop my career?

Caroline Jackson, Event Consultant & Educator 

Claire Derrick - Principal & Founding Director, Event Academy

David Preston - CEO, Realise

BST: 1430   GST: 1730

HKT: 2130   AEST: 2330

How can I look after my mental health?

Laura Capell-Abra, Stress Matters

BST: 1500   GST: 1800

HKT: 2200   AEST: 0000 (+1)

Sustainability in Events

Livvy Drake - Sustainable Sidekicks

Anna Abdelnoor - Freelance Sustainability Consultant

BST: 1520   GST: 1820

HKT: 2220   AEST: 0020 (+1)


BST: 1540   GST: 1840

HKT: 2240   AEST: 0040 (+1)


How's it looking in other industries?

Anna Robb - Theatre Art Life

Danny Fenton - Owner, Zig Zag Productions

Gareth Ellis-Unwin - Head of Film & Animation at Screen Skills

BST: 1555   GST: 1855

HKT: 2255   AEST: 0055 (+1)

How will events run in a Covid-19 environment?

Andy Lenthall - Production Services Association (PSA)

Jim Winship - Event Industry Forum (EIF)

Rob Haworth, Event Safety Plan

BST: 1625   GST: 1925

HKT: 2325   AEST: 0125 (+1)

What's new in virtual events

Chris Burke - MD, Creative Technology Asia

BST: 1655   GST: 1955

HKT: 2355   AEST: 0155 (+1)

A light in the darkness.  How have we come together as an industry?

The Make it Blue Collective

BST: 1725   GST: 2025

HKT: 0025 (+1)   AEST: 0225 (+1)

Close & Wrap up

Steve Squires & Ajay Parekh, Connektd

BST: 1755   GST: 2055

HKT: 0055 (+1)   AEST: 0255 (+1)

Summit - July 2020: Schedule
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