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How companies manage their freelancers: Video

How do companies manage their freelancers?

Marc Iacono - GM, GPJ Australia,

Dawn Dennis - Executive Producer/ Operations Director, Hong Kong

Adrian Bell - Executive Director, Action Impact, Dubai

Chris MacDonald - Operations Director, Hong Kong

The events industry would not function without freelancers, but agencies have always managed their relationships with their freelancers with little long term strategy or business model.  It tends to be very ad hoc, a last-minute scramble around the office or several WhatsApp messages to find someone you need, and thats if they're available.

Agency owners and senior operations professionals from around the world share their experience of working with freelancers and the methods and tools they use to help them do this

Marc Iacono

Marc has over 20 years’ experience in developing, managing and executing brand experiences, events and respective sponsorships for corporations, in and out of Australia.

He has worked in some of the largest global agencies that are constantly striving to push the envelope creatively and still deliver flawlessly, which is what he personally thrives on. These agencies have included; Jack Morton Worldwide, George P. Johnson and Momentum Worldwide and are best-in-class for events, sponsorship activity and brand experiences. Working in an agency environment ensures that the task at hand is always centred on delivering measurable results for the customer.

Dawn Dennis

Adrian Bell

Adrian is fascinated by audiences. How you get attention, keep it, and create live experiences that are compelling and memorable.
He's spent all his working life in creative communications – from an early background in theatre lighting, to jobs in some of the world’s leading production companies
Action Impact is one of the leading brand experience agencies in the Middle East. Every project is exciting – whether it’s for FIFA, Expo 2020, The United Nations, Google, or IBM, each is a challenge.

Chris MacDonald

Chris has over 20 years experiential marketing experience leading B2B and B2C programs for some of the world’s leading brands (such as American Express, HSBC, Marriott International, Manulife) in the UK, Australia and key Asian markets such as Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Korea and China.

He drives and leas teams to deliver exceptional programs that cultivate creativity and passion, whilst keeping a steady eye on deliverables and business objectives

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