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How do we move forward as an industry?: Video

How do we move forward as an industry?

Simon Hughes - Chair, BVEP & Michael Wyrley-Birch - CEO, TRO

A conversation between Simon Hughes, Chairman of BVEP and Michael Wyrley-Birch, CEO of TRO discussing how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the industry and how it can move forward with new strategies and solutions.

Simon Hughes​

Since May 2012 Simon has run a business consultancy specialising in providing strategic services to the events sector. Previously he spent 10 years as Director of Live Events at COI, where he worked on a number of high profile events for a diverse range of government departments and agencies.  He has worked in creative industry management and production roles for over 30 years.  He is passionate about getting the end-to-end production process right for live events. He believes that bringing people together to share ideas, learning and experience remains one of the most powerful communication tools available today.  Widely recognised by the industry over the years for his varied contribution, he serves on the board of Evcom and is chair of the Business Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP).

Michael Whyrley-Birch

Michael is CEO of TRO Group.

He has more than 20 years industry experience working across multiple sectors with leading brands including BA, Bacardi, BMW, Google, Lucozade, MINI, Nike, Nissan, Samsung and Volvo to name a few. Michael is personally passionate about the power of human connection and the ability for great experiences to create life long memories.

TRO is the Shared Experience Agency. In Person. On line. In Culture.

The very best experiences are the ones you can’t help but share – the ones you want to do together, the ones you have to share on social, the ones you know you’ll have in common – shared experiences bring us closer together. 

TRO was delighted to win The Drum 2018 Experiential Agency of the Year. An award that TRO has received for the past 3 out of 5 years. And in 2019 TRO was awarded the Drum B2C Experience of the Year.  TRO is a founding member of the Omnicom Experiential Group, which is borderless agency working from 29 offices across 15 countries.

How do we move forward as an industry?: Schedule
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