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How can I develop my career?: Video

How can I develop my career?

Caroline Jackson, Event Consultant & Educator - Chair

David Preston- CEO, Realise 

Claire Derrick - Principal & Founding Director, Event Academy

A session on the growth of formal training certification for the events industry. A session looking at how the current wave of graduates are likely to develop careers and how people with experience can develop new skills and new career opportunities through the growth of education and training programmes designed for the events industry.

Caroline Jackson

Caroline has been a Vice Chair of BVEP since 2016, and is passionate about advancing the profile and performance of the valuable people within the events sector. She was an integral part of the Events Industry Board Talent Task Force (2018-19), which assessed the skills, talent and HR processes across the events industry, with the objective of helping the events industry develop a sustainable, competitive, highly skilled workforce. Caroline has also contributed to the ‘people’ content of the past and upcoming BVEP Events are GREAT reports.

David Preston

CEO - Realise, Director of Education @MPI UK&I, Committee Member -  Diversity Ally

"Realise is a specialist event services and training agency, combining our experience in the world of global events with our knowledge of learning and development.
We focus only on the events industry, combining our experience as practitioners in the events industry with the world of training and education. This gives us a unique ability to deliver up to date training based on current event experience.
Event organisations large and small use the Realise offering of coaching and mentoring to develop their people and their organisations.
We also offer innovative business growth, marketing and PR support to some of the world’s most exciting and innovative event suppliers, delivering campaigns that drive real business results.
Realise also provides quality personnel to deliver exceptional onsite registration service for organisers of events on every continent"

Claire Derrick

Claire Derrick is the Director of Education at Event Academy. She has over 15 years of experience in the events sector in hands-on and strategic management roles. Claire studied at The University of Greenwich and New Hampshire College, Massachusetts, USA, attaining a degree in International Business & Marketing and a Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Now a member of the Association of Event Managers, Claire is also a contributing journalist for the London & UK Datebook.

Claire has worked in an event management or consultancy capacity for clients in the USA, UK, Europe, China, Peru, Israel, Nepal and Vietnam.

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