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Turning Positivity into Action - Life outside of events

Christopher Milnes, Freelance Technical Director

Lucy Eden, Freelance Events & Logistics Manager

Tim Joliffe, Freelance Project Manager

Sim Gondalia, Venue & Event Sales Manager

With the events industry in lockdown, many freelancers have had to be creative with the work they do and how they continue to earn.   

Kitty Newman & Klaudia Mitura from the &Happiness podcast talk to four freelancers who have successfully found new ways to use their transferrable skills, and in some cases other new skills to continue to prosper during these difficult times 

Christopher Milnes

Shamelessly passionate and unequivocally dedicated to the events business, Chris has a thorough understanding of both the process of event delivery AND the business of events.

In his 30 years in the industry, he has worked throughout the UK and the world at events starting at compact and bijou to one with over a million people and managed budgets of up to £1m. The event range is broad; launches, films, festivals, black tie, studio shoots, National Days, exhibitions, awards, sports, spectaculars, immersive theatre, parties, and so on. It is a looong list!

During the pandemic, Chris took to driving trucks for Tesco to keep the money coming in

Lucy Eden

Hi, my name is Lucy and like so many in lockdown, life as we knew it had dramatically changed. Many taped into their creative side and put down working tools and picked up new ones….myself included!

I taught myself Macramé to give homemade creations to family & friends that I couldn’t see (a virtual hug wrapped up in cord I thought!) They got so much from receiving something made with love (as I did giving) I thought why not turn this troubling time into something positive and make some more and spread the ‘Knots of Love’.

Somewhere over the Rainbow Macramé was born!

Tim Jolliffe

Tim is a Project Manager/Producer with over 18 years experience with brands in the live events and exhibition industry. Possessing a first-rate knowledge of the complete event/PM lifecycle with an excellent aptitude for budget control, technical know-how and time management, he has worked with brands around the world 

During the pandemic, Tim has set up a bakery in his home town of Thames Ditton

Sim Gondalia

Sim is an experienced Sales Manager with 8 years of working in the events, hospitality and sales industry, most recently at the Warbrook House Hotel.

During the pandemic, Sim has channeled her passion in Indian cooking to create a successful new business, The Gondalia Table

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